Houthis pledge to continue “battle of Freedom” until liberation

Sana’a forces (loyal to Houthis) promise to continue the battle of freedom and independence until the liberation of the country and defeat what they called “invaders and their traitors and mercenaries”.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said that the battle of freedom and independence will continue until the liberation of the country and “defeat of invaders and their traitors and mercenaries”.

Marking the 2000 days of war in Yemen, Brigadier General Sarie, said in a series of tweets that “our great Yemeni People and the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees have succeeded in steadfastness during the 2000 days of “aggression” against our country, Surely whoever stands this period is able with the help of Allah to withstand 4000 days and even more.”

He stressed that the morale of heroes on various fronts is high and the next phase is stronger and greater, and Yemen is regaining itself by defeating the invaders and occupiers and achieving its sovereignty and independence by liberating every inch of the territory of the Republic.

“We are today marking 2000 days of steadfastness after a lot of people expected that we would not be able to withstand even for 100 days. God does what he wants.” Sarie added.

He asked the Yemeni people to compare the situation in Yemen during the first 100 days of the war, and how was the situation after 1000 days, and how was it today after 2000 days of the war.

“To all of the dear free people, a thousand greetings for your steadfastness, patience and support to your brothers from members of Army and Popular Committees on various fronts of glory and dignity.” Spokesman of Sana’a forces concluded.

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