Sana’a forces launches offensive on Saudi military sites

The Sana’a forces backed by popular committees (loyal to Houthis) on late Monday carried out an offensive on positions of Saudi army soldiers in Najran region, a military official in Sana’a said.

According to the official, dozens of Saudi-backed forces were killed and wounded in the battle, which took place in Reshaha al-Sharqeyah area.

Saudi-sponsored forces inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipment during launching offensives against them in Najran border province, the source said.

The source revealed that engineering, artillery and sniping units of the Sana’a forces launched carried out offensives against Saudi sites.

The source confirmed that three recruits were gunned down by sniping unit fires coincided with killing and injuring groups of the Saudi forces in the same front.

The source pointed out that engineering unit detonated a Saudi military vehicle and killed its crew in al-Sauh front.