Socotra governor: island’s citizens will tumble America and Israel plans

Socotra governor Hashem Saad al-Soqtari -loyal to Sana’a government-  confirmed that the Saudi-led coalition countries’ ambitions, including America and Israel, will break down on the land of Socotra, which has not accepted invaders throughout history.

In a statement, al-Soqatri said that the UAE has been working since the beginning the war to establish a military base in order to destabilize the security and stability of the island for its strategic importance in the Indian Ocean.

He considered the normalization of the UAE with the Zionist entity as a result of the fact that all the UAE’s movements since the beginning of the war aimed to have American and Israeli bases.

He noted that Abu Dhabi has significantly served Israel in the region, and Yemen has revealed the extent of the relationship between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.

The Governor of Socotra saluted the popular rejection of the Emirati normalization with the Israeli enemy, stressing that the free and honorable people of the Socotra Archipelago as long as they had a prominent role in exposing the plans of the Emirati and Israeli occupation, they will bring down the invaders’ plans on the island.

“All the Emirati-Israeli moves in the province are carrying out under Saudi conspiracy, indicating that the Saudi Arabia had a colonial military presence in Socotra and in January it sent American experts to the island for conducting studies to establish military bases while today the UAE has transport Israeli experts to it”, al-Soqatri said.

The Governor al-Soqtari said that the pro-UAE Southern Transitional Council militias have recently taken control of important high-altitude sites in Mumiye area to the east of island and Qattanan area to the west of the island aiming at controlling maritime navigation and the international maritime corridor.


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