Saudi Coalition retaliate from government facilities in Marib

The Saudi-UAE coalition fighter jets launched on Wednesday the fiercest raids on the governmental facilities in Rahabah District, on the outskirts of Marib city, in a time an international organization confirmed the battle approach to the city center. Sources reported that the government complex, the Security Department, and the Industrial Institute in Rahabah District were subjected to air strikes, causing severe damage.

This comes in the wake of liberating the directorate by Sana’a forces, amid their continued advance towards the adjacent Al-Jouba district center, which is a few kilometers from Marib city.

On the other hand, other sources revealed that explosions rocked Abu al-Rish camp that belongs to the coalition in Marib, most likely the explosions were caused by attacks of drones and ballistic missiles.

This comes at a time when Sana’a forces continued to advance towards the last stronghold of coalition in the city, as the International Organization of Migration confirmed the displacement of more than 500 families, as the battles approached the city, amid local assurances that families of Islah leaders had fled after the party completed the transfer of its weapons arsenal to the neighboring Hadhramaut valley and Shabwah province in preparation to the city fall down.