New reinforcements in Abyan…A Saudi light for STC to Storm Shabwah

UAE continued on Wednesday, to reinforce the factions loyal to it in Abyan province, south of Yemen, amid indications of a tendency to resolve the battle of Shabwah, the most important oil province in the east of the country.

Local sources reported the arrival of large reinforcements for STC, which came from Aden, and included various UAE armored vehicles. This is the third batch of reinforcements in less than a week.

The reinforcements coincide with the continues bombing in the front lines in Abyan, specifically in Shoqra, adjacent to Shabwah province.

In the context, Commander of the Fifth Support Brigade Mukhtar al-Nubi, revealed arrangements to progress towards Shabwah, the most important stronghold of Islah party, indicating that STC is now in the process of preparing for wide-ranging battle and awaiting Saudi directives to force what he described as “the Brotherhood” to expel their factions from Abyan and Shabwah province by force.

Al-Nubi said in a press statement that the transitional forces are ready to take out Islah factions by peace or war, and it will not allow Hadi government to return to Aden except keeping the presidential protection brigade only.

Nubian’s statements come a day after news on Saudi pressure on Hadi to transfer his factions in Abyan and Shabwah to Marib under the pretext of implementing Riyadh Agreement, which also includes a clause for its exit from Hadhramaut Valley.