Sana’a besieges its stronghold in Marib, Islah party flees to Taiz

Islah party (Yemen’s brotherhood) intensified its military movements in the southern countryside of Taiz province, in order to complete its control on At-Turbah city, and expand towards Same’a and Khadir, then towards the western coast of the province.

Those actions came to make the Taiz province as an alternative home to Islah party who Sanaa’s forces come closer from its main stronghold in Marib province.

Followers see that Islah has realized that Marib will soon fallen into the hands of Sanaa’s forces, after the widespread and continuous incursion of the latter towards the city, so it is preparing Taiz city to be its alternative capital, which will be the starting point for the attack on the south, this makes his control of Khadir strategically important, as this directorate borders Lahij province, and has only a short distance from Al-Anad military base.

According to informed sources, Islah forces are preparing to storm Same’a ‘district in Taiz province, that has been remained far from the war, and not subjected to the control of any party, however, reports indicate that the war it may expand towards Khedir district.

Islah forces penetrated into Al-Hujariah district after assassinating the commander of the 35th Armored Brigade, Brigadier General Adnan Al-Hammadi, to fully extend their control over the city, after taking over the brigade and carrying out a campaign against its leaders.

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