Marib governor rejects Britain proposal to strength Mairb defenses   

Tribal sources In Marib province, east of Yemen, revealed on Saturday the rejection of Marib governor sultan Al-Aradha, for Britain proposal to secure Marib by unites from Abyan province in an indicator on Islah’s party will to storm Aden and refuse the implementation of Riyadh agreement as observers see.

sources reported that the televised meeting took place a few days ago between the governor and the British ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, touched on the situation in Marib, noting that Aaron, who expressed his country’s and US support for Islah party in Marib, suggested to stop the fighting in Abyan province and take Abyan units  to reinforce the party’s factions in Marib, instead of bringing units from Taiz, Al-Arada was quickly reassuring the British ambassador in an attempt to avoid pressure to stop the battles of Abyan.

Al-Arada considered his party’s summon to the factions from Taiz, arrived a few days ago in batches, coming within the framework of exchanging units only and not to secure Marib, saying the situation there is stable.

The British ambassador’s proposals came amid the Saudi pressures to implement the military part of Riyadh Agreement, which provides the withdrawal of Islah factions from south to Marib, which confirms the party’s refusal to implement the agreement.

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