American newspapers reveal goal of establishing spying base for UAE and Israel in Yemen

Major newspapers, published in United States, confirmed, on Saturday, the news of establishing Israeli-Emirati sites in the eastern coast of Yemen, citing a number of reasons with international economic dimensions that might prompt a Chinese-Pakistani intervention in Yemen.

Wall Street Journal reported in a report, that trump’s hidden goal in making deal between Israel and UAE targeting mainly China and Pakistan, and enhancing Washington’s interests through resisting China’s interests in the Middle East, explaining that the joint spying base on the Yemeni Socotra Island aims to disrupt China’s new project, the Belt and the road ”, which aims to control international maritime trade lanes.

US and its allies in the region will be able through the military base to disrupt the Pakistani Gwadar sea port that China tries to take it as main point on international navigation road, while UAE, India, US, and Israel opposed the plan, pointing that all surveys proved that Socotra Island is the most important strategic area to hit China and Pakistan.

The newspaper stated that UAE control over Aden port and Bab Al-Mandab strait beside Socotra Island underestimated the Pakistani Gwadar port to be the axis of china to transfer its goods to EU.

The relations between Saudi Arabia who leads war against Yemen for six year, and Pakistan was a member in it, deteriorated recently amid news talking on Saudi crown prince support coming rebellions against Imran Khan Government.

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