Al-Mahrah sit-in reveals Saudi disruption for shehen port

The head of al-Mahrah sit-in committee, Hamid Zaanbut, published a video clip, on Wednesday, showing dozens of trucks loaded with food and commercial goods prevented by Saudi forces from entering Yemeni lands through Shehen border crossing.

This comes a day after the visit of deputy prime minister in Hadi’s government, Salim Al Khanbashi to Al-Mahra province, amid accusations of legitimizing “the Saudi occupation.”

Pictures show the locomotives outside the crossing waiting for days to the decision allow them to enter Yemen and unload their cargo.

This step coincides with the creation of devices at the port by Saudi forces, which they said to prevent the entry of unlicensed goods.

Zanbut accused Saudi forces of deliberately disrupting the only outlet for Yemen in order to tighten the siege on what remains of hope for Yemenis, considering the recent measures a miserable attempt to justify their plan to close the crossing.

The Saudi forces had issued a large list of goods and vehicles restricted to enter Yemen, including farmers’ tractors and four-wheel drive cars.

The developments come a day after Salim AlKhanbashi visited the land and seaports in Al-Mahrah, after Saudi forces stormed Shehen port.

In a move, observers described it coming in the context of legitimizing Saudi Arabia’s control over these outlets.

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