Battles raging in Aden … and military build-ups in Abyan

Aden witnessed on Saturday new battles south of Yemen, between STC factions and other not loyal to UAE.

This coincides with sending large mobilizations by UAE to the neighboring Abyan province, which indicates its desire to end the presence of its opponents in the city.

Local sources said that violent confrontation raged north of the city Specifically in AlMemdarah and that after STC factions continued their chasing campaign for military leaderships and factions not belong to STC, pointing to deaths and injuries.

STC factions started at the end of last  week military campaign included till now  leaderships of the giant factions and other belong to Hadi and the southern resistance and that’s coincided with STC  announcement over suspending their participation in Riyadh negotiations what indicates to STC efforts who are under pressure to get his factions out of the city to torture his enemies before any procedures to get out fearing to coup against him.

The recent transitional moves coincide with more reinforcements pushing him towards Abyan where they preparing for a large battle against Hadi’s forces there, and their eye on Shabwah province.

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