Aden: Saudi sends military reinforcements, STC chases Hadi’s loyalists

The UAE- backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Saturday continued their campaign against faction leaders who did not owe allegiance to the council as part of their efforts to crackdown their opponents in the city, local source in Aden said.

The northern district of Aden witnessed fresh clashes at dawn, leaving a number of people dead and wounded, according to Yemen News Portal.

Local sources said that the clashes in Dar Saad followed a raid and arrests of military leaders in Hadi’s forces and factions that do not pledge allegiance to the council.

Last weekend, the STC’s factions launched a large-scale deployment in the city and established sites and checkpoints in its neighborhoods and streets in conjunction with house raids that also targeted leaders in the al-Amaliqah forces and other factions.

These steps point to the council’s efforts to cleanse the city of its opponents for fear of blowing up situation in the city by Hadi forces, especially since these moves coincide with the council’s mobilization to Abyan and his eye on the storming of Shabwah, the most important province in the current crisis with Hadi.

In the same vein, the southern military body, one of the interim arms, called for a new demonstration against Saudi forces.

The statement called on the Supreme Commission of the Army and Southern Security to gather in front of the Gate of Saudi Forces in Buraiqeh district, threatening with more options if Saudi Arabia does not pay five months’ salaries.

Saudi Arabia forced Hadi’s government before Eid to pay salaries for two months, although Hadi’s prime minister said at the time that the government was constantly paying the salaries of the STC fighters, which indicates that the demand for salaries of five months is an attempt by the STC to blackmail the Saudi government, which is seeking to embarrass its factions from the city.

In the meantime, the Saudi occupation forces sent on Saturday military reinforcements to Aden province, military  source in Aden said.

Sources in Shabwa province affirmed that tens locomotives carrying armored vehicles and tanks passed towards Aden.

Sending the reinforcements coincided with departure the governor of Lahj province, Ahmed al-Turki appointed by exiled Hadi’s government after receiving a summons from the Saudi ambassador.

Abyan province witness’s military confrontations among Hadi’s forces and the southern transitional militias.