A senior figure in Yemen’s STC calls for negotiation with Houthis

The son of the former southern president, and the most prominent candidate of Southern Transitional Council (STC) vice president post, Hani Ali Salem Albeed, called on Saturday for negotiations between STC and Sana’a to overcome what he described it as “legitimacy project.”

Hani Ali Salem Albeed said the project of “legitimacy” is not accepted by those holding the land in north and south, excluding in the same time the success of implementing Riyadh Agreement.

Albeed pointed out that any national and social project requires a realistic and popular acceptance and a will that enables him to succeed.

Albeed was commenting on the latest developments in Riyadh agreement, where Saudi pressure on STC to return to the negotiation table with the exiled president Hadi after days of his participation suspension.

Observers considered Albeed statements as an invitation to negotiate between “those holding the land, south and north,” referring to the STC and Houthis.

This call comes amid indications to end “legitimacy”, as the journalist Mona Safwan predicted, and she indicated in her tweet to changes in the region, predicting the rise of “Houthis” in Yemen.

STC had hinted at options that go beyond Saudi Arabia, according to what Hani ben brek said, in conjunction with the conclusion of a prisoner exchange deal with Sana’a in Al-Dhale and the threat of his factions there to withdraw from the front.