Yemen calls on the world to save the oldest skyscraper

 208 buildings affected by floods and need immediate intervention.

The deputy head of the Historic Cities Authority, Aqil Nassari, revealed that many monuments have been partially destroyed due to lack of resources as a result of war, rains and floods that caused great damage in the old city of Sana’a and the oldest skyscrapers in Shibam city.

Nassari told “Sputnik “, the historic city of Shibam has been exposed to cracks in a number of its buildings.

According to reports from citizens, there are about 208 buildings affected by floods and need immediate intervention.

that “We are preparing to implement a project to save 40 buildings of Shibam by UNESCO support through the Social Fund for Development in Mukalla province,” Nassari said.

“The conditions in Yemen during the past years of war have prevented us for the maintenance of buildings,” he added.

Shibam is a town in Yemen’s Hadramout province with about 7,000 inhabitants. Known for its mudbrick-made high-rise buildings.

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