Mahrah sit-in threatens more confrontations against Saudi forces

The committee of peaceful sit-in against the presence of Saudi and Emirati forces in Mahrah province has vowed to further address the armed abuses of the Saudi-Emirati coalition forces in the province, commenting on Sunday’s clashes.

Hamid Za’abinut, chairman of the Shihan Sit-in Committee, said in a press statement on Sunday night that “any presence of the Saudi occupation forces in the Shihan port and any attempt to destabilize the social peace in Mahrah province is rejected.”

” We will not stand idly by in the face of any aggression or violation by the Saudi occupation forces and their tools and militias in the district of Shihan and the Province in general,” he added.

Za’abinut accused Hadi’s forces and the Islah group of being a cover for the Saudi and Emirati occupation, in a bid to demand what he called “the security forces and the army not to be a cover for the Saudi occupation forces.”

Local sources in the province confirmed that armed tribes in the province prevented the occupying Saudi forces from reaching a border crossing with Oman.

Saudi forces moved from al-Ghaydah Airport International Airport in the province, heading Mahrah’ Shihen border crossing r with Oman, the sources said.

The sources indicated that tribes intercepted Saudi occupation forces before they arrived at the port, and forced them to return to their camp in the “Hat district” in the same province.

Saudi forces moved towards a “Shihen port” under the pretext of delivering a thermal screening device to be installed at the port, according to the sources.

“The clashes broke out after Saudi forces opened fire on tribal militants in the area, triggering the tribal militants to respond to the Saudi occupation forces and burned an armored vehicle of the occupation, one of the sources said.

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