The Trans-Boundary Messages from Sana’a

With its recent military and political messages, Sanaa will have reformulated the situation at the local, regional and international levels. As it has emerged in the speeches of its leaders, reminding the coalition on Yemen’s ability to thwart its plans on the one hand and confirm its capabilities to target its depth on the other hand, and all of it aim to deter his arrogance from trading in the nation’s issues and his persevering attempts to humiliate Yemen’s people.

From the Yemeni-Saudi border, specifically in Al-Jawf province, Defense Minister in Sana’a government, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atefi, promised to move to great pain stage in a new message to Saudi Arabia.

Al-Atefi’s last appearance was on the border when his forces succeeded in controlling several camps and military axes belong to the pro-Saudi factions and deep into their territories, and that incursion extended later to areas in Jizan, Najran and Asir, counting it as a field strike against Saudi Arabia, which was preparing those forces to escalate on the border.

Al-Atefi chose his messages with a calm and more reassuring language, and he delivered a speech to a number of stationed fighters on the fronts, in which he revealed that Sana’a is continuing to develop strategic deterrence capabilities and build military capabilities, through this, he indicates that the process of development, whether at the level of missile and drones systems, tasted the coalition in recent years bitter and confused its calculations, or even in terms of building the human element.

What distinguishes in Al-Atefi appear, is that it came a few days after the speech of  “Ansar Allah” leader, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, in which he made it clear in his speech about the Emirati-Israeli normalization, while talking that the Saudi-Emirati alliance is not serious about peace, and if it was so, he would have applied it among the sons of the nation, who are facing a fierce war by alliance, whether in Yemen or Bahrain and elsewhere.

There is no peace from coalition, and this is confirmed by Supreme Revolutionary Committee leader, Muhammad al-Houthi, who said in a television interview that the coalition exploited contacts with Sana’a to mislead public opinion about peace, not to mention to the field escalation that coalition trying to move its standing water on more than one front.

Regardless to the coalition’s conspiracies that have not stopped since the beginning of its war on Yemen in March of 2015, and the American efforts to escalate their pace now by pushing Saudi Arabia to public normalization with Israel, Sana’a seems to be the first in thwarting these plots, the first was storming the strongholds of Al Qaeda and “ISIS” in Al-Baidha province and cleansing  this province, which was intended to be the dagger of terrorism in the waist of the nation.

Sana’a still has a lot of papers and capabilities… Military industries and development are at the peak, and qualitative capabilities and competence are at their highest readiness, as leaders confirm, It has proven on the ground, and the most important thing is that it reaffirms that it is part of defense axis on the nation’s issues, whether in Iraq, Lebanon or Syria and Palestine. This was not absent from the speech of Anssarallah leader on the occasion of Prophet’s Hegira.

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