Sana’a discloses details for falling AQAP in al-Baidha

Sana’a army revealed on Friday the details of the large military operations that targeted the largest strongholds of Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), in several areas of al-Baidha province of Yemen.

The spokesman of Sana’a forces, backed by the Popular Committees (loyal to Houthis), General Yahya Sarie, in a press statement, affirmed that the operation hit the AQAP ‘s largest den of the intelligence elements belonging to the countries of the Saudi-led coalition in the Arabian Peninsula, and took over areas of Qifah,Walad Rabai and Al-Qurashya in the province.

“Our army destroyed more than 14 military bases, including six bases to Daesh and 8 others to al-Qaeda and was able to liberate more than a thousand square kilometers. Some of bases are used for training and others used as explosives factories,” Sarie added.

The operation of the army liberated and controlled over an area estimated at 1000 km, which was subject to the elements of the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS, in addition to 14 camps of the AQAP and ISIS elements.

The spokesman explained that those camps were used for training, and part of them containing workshops for manufacturing explosive belts and devices.

Sarie indicated that at least 250 of AQAP and ISIS elements were killed, wounded, and others captured, including elements of Arab and foreign nationalities, during the operation, adding that among the dead were five leaders from ISIS, including the leader of the organization and its financial officer.

He stated the armed forces found complete information and evidence confirming the association of the United States of America, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates at the head of countries with the AQAP and ISIS groups.

“From the first moment of Saudi-led war against Yemen, the terrorists supported by Saudi-UAE-US Coalition. The areas controlled by terrorist included northwestern areas of al-Baidha province, especially in Walad Rabi and Qarashiyah.” Sarie said.

“The terrorists have been supported by warplanes, weapons and intelligence by the Arab Coalition countries during the past years,” he added.

“We have documents confirming involvement of al-Qaeda and ISIS elements with Saudi-paid mercenaries. The recent operation by the Yemeni army was carried out in cooperation with the security services. During the operation, Saudi warplanes launched dozens of airstrikes against our troops to prevent us from advancing towards positions of terrorists,” he confirmed.

Al-Qaeda press confirm that its elements assassinated a leader in the UAE-backed forces, described them as apostates.
Saudi weapons used by AQAP.