over 327 criminal operations committed by Al-Qaeda in Al-Baidha

Over 327 criminal operations have been committed by the elements of “Al Qaeda and ISIS” terrorist organizations in various areas of Baidha province since beginning of the year 2015 to May 2020.

Sana’a security services indicates that between January 2015 and May 2020, al-Qaeda and ISIS carried out more than 327 operations in Al-Baidha province, included 59 operations against Yemeni army and security personnel. According to Sanaa’s security media, al-Qaeda and ISIS operatives carried out 194 detonating explosive devices, in roads and in front of homes in Al-Baidha province.

Concerning the assassinations, the security services stated that the elements of “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda” committed 27 assassinations, including 11 that failed to kill the targets, and 16 operations targeting sheikhs and notables of Al-Baidha province.

Sana’a forces on Tuesday, announced the control on Ould Rabi` district and its surroundings in Al-Baidha province that was the most important stronghold of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Yemen.