within 6 months…Saudi airstrikes killed, injured 121 civilians in Jawf

The Saudi-led coalition fighter jets have killed, injured 121 civilians in Jawf province since the last February, The Human Rights Office in Jawf province said on Wednesday.

The office referred, in a press statement, that the coalition aircraft launched three airstrikes at noon on Thursday, August 6, 2020, committing a heinous bloody massacre against civilians from al-Maa’tara tribe.

The statement affirmed that most of the victims of the horrific massacre were children and women, who were traveling on board of three cars on a holiday visit to their relatives in Khab Washaf district in Jawf and Al-Sha`af Al-Jawf area.

The crime scene, in which the coalition committed the massacre, is not less than thirty kilometers from the fighting fronts, and there is no military objective that the coalition countries can invoke, the statement added.

The office stressed that this crime is a genocide crime against children in Jawf, and it had left nine martyrs and 13 wounded, most of them children and women.

The crime was committed in conjunction of the United Nations Secretary-General’s efforts to remove Saudi Arabia, the killer of children in Yemen, from the blacklist for violators of child’s rights.

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