Saudi-led coalition destroyed 200 Yemen factories: report

The Saudi-led coalition has destroyed at least 200 factories and production facilities in Yemen, where much of the country’s infrastructure has already been decimated.

A recent report revealed Yemen’s industries had suffered severe damages due to multiple coalition air strikes, aiding in the deteriorating circumstances across the country, including poverty, chronic unemployment, war and raging conflict.

According to a report issued by the Houthi-controlled ministry of industry and trade, the attacks had completely paralyzed the industrial movement.

By targeting the facilities, the coalition had struck Yemen’s economy and greatly impacted the people’s livelihoods, the report said.

In a previous report, the Yemeni private sector had estimated some two billion dollars in damage to the industrial sector in the country.

The reports lay 55 percent of the blame on direct coalition attacks, shortly followed by indirect strikes at 35 percent, while 10 percent was a result of clashes.

Tamim Al-Saqqaf, director of the Commercial and Industrial Department in the Sana’a Capital Secretariat, confirmed that the private sector has been severely affected, despite its neutrality and lack of links to any of the parties to the conflict.

The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation (YRSPC) said on Monday that it has incurred more than two billion dollars as a result of Saudi-led coalition’s military operations and siege on seaports.

(YRSPC) revealed the direct and indirect damages that affected the corporation’s ports due to the war targeting.

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