KSA to use Southern Coalition instead of Islah party

Saudi Arabia began on Tuesday, direct support for the Southern National Coalition led by Hadi movement in “legitimacy”, in an indication of its tendency to use the bloc against the transitional and to replace the Islah party.

This coincides with the failure of its committee to implement Riyadh agreement, amid indications that the agreement has failed again.

Saudi Arabia stepped up in Socotra against STC by meeting gathered its forces leadership with the leaders of the southern coalition.

A statement issued by the meeting indicated that it had discussed the need for Hadi’s local authority to return to the island, which is under the control of STC.

The meeting comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is pushing the coalition that is led by the businessman and deputy director of Hadi’s office, Ahmed Al-Eisi, and leaders in his government, such as Al-Misiri and Al-Jabwani, for expected demonstration in Hadhramaut days after a demonstration in Shabwah and Abyan provinces.

The rapid growth of the newly established coalition indicates to Saudi support for its moves in the context of its efforts to create a parallel entity for STC, which sought during the last period to uniquely represent the south and find an alternative to Islah party in the south.

The political action of the National Coalition coincides with a military escalation in Abyan, where the pro- Hadi factions launched violent shelling during the past hours on the STC sites in Al-Tariya and Sheikh Salem, leaving more than 3 dead and 13 wounded, according to the STC.

The military escalation came days after Saudi Arabia summoned the most prominent leader of the southern coalition, Saleh al-Jabwani, and transported him by private plane to Riyadh.

These developments come at a time when Saudi Arabia is facing a dilemma, with transitional refusal to implement the military part of Riyadh agreement, which requires the departure of its factions from Aden or even to empower its leaders who were appointed in Aden within Riyadh agreement.