Islah party transferring its military arsenal from Marib

Tribal sources revealed that Islah party has completed to transfer its heavy weapons arsenal to Shabwah

Large military reinforcements belonging to Islah Party arrived on Wednesday at the coastal city of Shoqra in Abyan province, in southern Yemen.

Local sources in the province indicated that, during the past 24 hours, Islah sent four military batches from Marib and al-Baidha province to the coastal Shoqra front.

The sources confirmed that the Islah party brought in hundreds of terrorist elements that received painful blows from the army and the popular committees in Qayfa area in Weld Rabie district of al-Baidha.

Media loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council accused the so-called “legitimacy forces” funded by Saudi-led coalition of handing over military sites in the Shoqra front to al-Qaeda militants.

Marib province east of Yemen witnessed on Tuesday, new developments with the approach of Sana’a forces from liberating the last strongholds of coalition and Hadi.

Tribal sources revealed that Islah party has completed to transfer its heavy weapons arsenal to Shabwah, noting that locomotives carrying tanks and heavy cannon arrived at Ataq and others on their way coming from Marib.

Leaders of Islah Party began a few days ago displacement process to Shabwah that is the most prominent stronghold of the party currently and it has a tight security grip by its factions.

In the context, activists in Marib reported that leaders of Islah began selling real estate properties, including homes, hotels and land, at low prices, before leaving the province.

On the same level, activists on social media circulated new image for Marib city, that Islah factions have turned it into a military barracks. Activists say the photo was taken in the city’s market during its prime time.

The market and its surroundings on the main street seem completely empty of movement, except the concentration of Islah factions’ crews with their patrols.

Marib had witnessed the largest displacement process in its history, with launching a campaign of arrests by Islah factions against citizens from various segments and from different provinces on charges of “sleeping cells”.

These developments reflect Islah’s concern about the fall of the city, its last stronghold, the oil province, especially in light of the rapid progress for Sana’s forces to the borders of the city.

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