Red Sea Ports Lose $ 2.1 billion due to war and siege: YRSPC

The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation (YRSPC) said on Monday that it has incurred more than two billion dollars as a result of Saudi-led coalition’s military operations and siege on seaports.

(YRSPC) revealed the direct and indirect damages that affected the corporation’s ports due to the war targeting.

In a press conference on Monday, the Corporation said that the damages and societal losses amounted to two billion dollars, 160 million and more than 316 ten thousand dollars since the beginning of the Saudi war against Yemen.

The crime of targeting and siege that affected the corporation’s ports is a breach and a violation of international humanitarian law and recognized international conventions,” the YRSPC affirmed.

The Corporation renewed its warning that the Saudi coalition’s continued piracy and its seizure of oil ships will lead to disastrous results on all service sectors in Yemen.