Pro-Islah forces in Taiz arrest a journalist

The military police forces in Taiz ( loyal to Islah Islamic Party) arrested a journalist today’s morning Tuesday, and assaulted a government official during a security campaign in Jabal Habashi district, west of Taiz.

Local sources said that the journalist, Muhammad Al-Sharhi, was beaten by the police before they drove him to an unknown location during their campaign on Al-Sharajah area in Al Ma’afer District.

Sources added that Director of External Relations at the Customs Office, Abu Bakr Al-Sharaji, was also beaten without any justification, in addition to a number of citizens.

The arrest incident came after an interview by Al-Sharhi journalist over the points belonging to the 17th Infantry Brigade, in Naqeel Theylamah, increased the taxes on carriers smuggling suspicious materials to Anssarallah areas to 25,000 riyals on the vehicle and the military police demanded a share of those levies.

The Directorate of Jabal Habashi witnessed many security campaigns by the military police that led by Islah party to eliminate or expel and arrest the party’s opponents under various pretexts.