Chasing “ISIS” in al-Baidha … Sana’a forces launch large-scale operation in Marib

Sana’a forces and the Popular Committees (Anssarallah forces) on Monday launched a large-scale military operation to take control of Mas camp, one of the most important bases of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Marib province.

According to the tribal sources, Sana’a forces have succeeded in cutting off the eastern supply lines of the camp, which contains sophisticated weapons.

The sources indicated that unknown airstrikes hit the positions of three cannons as well as ammunition depots. Several casualties were reported as a result of these air raids.

in al-Baidha province, Sana’a forces managed on Monday to purge the sites that were controlled by ISIS militants in Qayfa area of Rada’a district after fierce battles between the two sides.

Sources in the province said that the Sana’a forces fought fierce battles with ISIS elements, through which they managed to cleanse the areas of Hamat Laqah, Hamat Awaja, Sifal al-Najd and Shutir in Qayfa front in Rada’a district.

According to the source, Anssarallah forces advanced towards al-Zawb, the last stronghold of the terrorist organization, where they imposed a suffocating military siege on the remaining elements of ISIS in the area, according to the sources.

The sources confirmed that the Sana’a forces found advanced American weapons with the “ISIS” groups, in the Hamat Awaja area.