Saudi Arabia deports Hadi again

The outgoing Yemen’s president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, left the Saudi capital, Riyadh, heading to the United States on a new trip of exclusion under the pretext of treatment, amid great controversy over the goal of taking him out, especially at this time when the Kingdom is preparing to arrange the future of southern and eastern regions of Yemen that are under the control of its coalition, has Saudi Arabia decided to exclude Hadi from the scene, or has he become close to his eternal departure?

Until now, Hadi’s situation has not been clear yet, as he appeared recently, in good health, listening to a leader in STC his archrival,  Ahmed Lamas، sworn in the constitutional oath as governor of Aden in a move described as a Saudi legalization for STC. Hadi was forced to empower the transitional politically with a movement that could be the end to fold his “legitimacy”, so was it the cause of his sudden illness?

Hadi is in a dangerous condition, according to Adel al-Hasani, the leader of the so-called “Southern Resistance” in this way, he hints at the possibility that he may have been targeted of some kind by Saudi Arabia, and this, according to Al-Hasani, requires a speedy treatment but even if Hadi suffers from a heart condition, according to what is rumored, Saudi Arabia had previously installed braces for him before Eid at King Faisal Hospital and left afterwards safely.

Regardless of Hadi’s illness or death, in the end, he is just a pawn on the Saudi table, but now the debate arises about what is after Hadi’s exit?

According to the expectations of southern journalist Salah al-Saqladi, this journey of Hadi would be prolonged, which effectively means postponing the discussion in implementing the political part of Riyadh agreement, which is expected to resume it next week not to mention, Hadi forces were given a new opportunity for Ali Mohsen as Hadi’s deputy, according to constitutional provisions, to achieve military progress towards Aden. However, the Saudi moves confirm that Riyadh has previously assigned the duties of Hadi to the commander of its ground forces, Fahd bin Turki, during Hadi’s previous trip, which lasted for months and now it is trying to assign his duties to the Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber, the actual ruler of the southern and eastern part of Yemen. The ambassador has just held a meeting with UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, it was expected that this meeting would be with Hadi and would be devoted to discuss Griffiths’ new proposals for a political solution in Yemen.

It was clear during the meeting that Saudi Arabia refused to even consider Griffiths’ proposals. Ambassador Al-Jaber renewed his request to Griffiths to excert great efforts regarding Safir Reservoir, it is a sign that Riyadh opposes his proposals once and for all and that even Hadi government’s previous announcement of rejecting Griffiths ’empty proposals was under Saudi direction, but the Saudi case between Hadi and Griffiths this time was to avoid British pressure on Hadi and which emerged from the statements of the British ambassador to Yemen, “Michael Aaron,” who considered the new formulation of the solution a final and not subject to modification.

Saudi Arabia has theoretically achieved its first goal, directed by Hadi, it is now arranging for the period after his reign, Sultan Al-Barakani, the speaker of Hadi’s parliament, has been summoned again from Cairo to be on behalf Hadi in negotiations with STC on forming the new government and it realizes that the transitional and Al-Barakani party have become united. He is more accessible in dealing with them to implement the Saudi-Emirati vision for resolving the crisis in southern Yemen. UAE is not the only link between the two components as long as their relationship become closer by appointing a member of STC leadership and from GPC party, Ahmed Lamas, as governor of Aden.

The departure of Hadi, will enable His Excellency the Ambassador, to form a government on the situation that suits him, and he will try to keep the negotiations between the arms of UAE, where he will enter Ali Mohsen and Islah party with side conflicts while keeping them as a pressure card against STC. And keep the latter as a thorn in their throat, at that time, Saudi Arabia will have imposed on all parties from the south, a new fait accompli that they can only be implement. Hadi, Mohsen, and Islah party, and even STC, were and are still a stumbling block in the way of Saudi Arabia and even UAE, and their plans to share the gains of southern and eastern Yemen.