Sana’a forces to fold 25 years of terrorism in Yemen

Sana’a forces on Saturday completed the clearance of all terrorist strongholds in Al-Baidha province, in the middle of Yemen, in a step would ends 25 years of terrorism old in a country suffering from war led by Saudi Arabia and UAE since more than a half of decade.

Tribal sources confirmed the control of sana’a forces on all Yakla villages, the most important strongholds of ISIS and AlQaeda organization, included Waprah Ramam mount and AlRadah, pointing to Sana’a forces advancing in chasing terrorist elements in AlMeshayreef villages that belong Administratively to Mahliyah district in Marib province.

Sources stated that operations kicked off before 60 hours resulting in liberating all areas of Yakla villages to Alteause and AlMelal and AlAtheal fortifications in Marib.

Number of high-ranking leaders in AlQaeda have been killed during the past days battles amid the flee of the rest according to the sources.

This advanced comes despite the cover of US and Saudi warplanes in an attempt to prevent Sana’a forces to storm ISIS and AlQaeda camps.

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