ISIS operatives surrendered to Houthis in al-Baidha

A number of ISIS elements al-Baidha province surrendered themselves on Sunday to the Sana’a forces (loyal to Houthis) local source said.

According to the source, ISIS operatives surrendered themselves through one of the sheikhs in Qayfah front in Rada’a district of al-Baidha province

Many of the terrorist organization’s operatives surrendered to Sheikh Ahmed Fadl “Abu Sarima”, after their failed attempts to exit safely with all their heavy weapons from Qayfah towards the city of Marib, local sources in the province reported.

The Houthis’ forces on Saturday carried out a large-scale attack on several sites of Deash militants (ISIS) in Qaiva area of al-Baidha province.

An official source in Sana’a said that their forces targeted the sites of Hama Laqah, Hama Awajah, Seval al-Najd and Shatir in Qaiva front, two days after expelling Al-Qaeda militants from Qaiva.

Last week, private sources revealed that the elements of the terrorist organization “ISIS” sent tribal mediation to hand over the ISIS military sites in the areas of Bokra, Ajma and Qah of Bayda to the Yemeni army forces, in exchange for carrying out their exit in a safe way towards the city of Marib.

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