Saudi Arabia Detains, Tortures Hundreds of Yemeni Recruits: Report

Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms revealed that Saudi authorities have arrested and tortured hundreds of Yemeni recruits, who are fighting on its side, in prison belongs to the Saudi Air Force in Jizan, confirming, “Recruits are systematically tortured and ill-treated.”

The organization stated that among the detainees, more than 500 recruits were fighting in the southern borders of Saudi Arabia against Sana’a forces, pointing out that among the detainees, 28 arrested due to their demand for a vacation during the last Eid al-Fitr.

It emphasized that the arrested recruits in Saudi prisons are systematically tortured and ill-treated, pointing to the death of at least one detainee due to torture.

Electrical equipment used in torture, and some detainees, along with other prisoners, are subjected to isolation for a period up to months, and they are deprived to contact with outside world, they are also banned of health care, according to the human rights organization.

Indicating that there are fishermen among detainees arrested by the pro-coalition Coast Guard forces, for unknown reasons, and handed them over to the Saudi forces.

Tawfiq Al-Hamidi, head of SAM Organization, said that among the detainees whose cases were documented, Ahmed Saleh Al-Fateqi and Ali Al-Komani, who are still in detention and subjected to torture on a daily basis, and previously were held in solitary confinement for months, before the start of investigations accompanied with torture.

One of the released from Saudi prisons said: “Most of arrests start with snitching from the brigade command. Then they take you handcuffed and feet, and your eyes closed to unknown place, then they put you in solitary confinement for a month or less, which is two meter by one meter,  eating, drinking and defecating are inside, after a month of solitary confinement, they tie you with iron, put a strap on your eyes, and then bring you before an investigation committee that accuses you of all kinds of charges and tortures you with electrical wires until you hope to death.

Another witness told the organization: “I met a detainee who was taken from the wounded headquarters in Jizan, and he was supposed to travel to India for treatment, but instead of going to India, he went to the Air Force detention camp and was severely tortured during his detention, for a period of three months.”

A former detainee gave details about the Saudi prison, saying: “The food that gives us was a piece of bread with a little lentils or beans at the morning and also at the evening, and in the afternoon, there is a little rice with fish, some of them faint during prayer. Eating was often without salt, and when we ask for salt, they respond to us, “You do not deserve.”

Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms called for immediate release of all detainees or their hand them over to the Yemeni judicial institutions, calling for an investigation into the disappearance of many Yemenis in Saudi prisons during the last period.

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