Protest in New York calls for ending war on Yemen

The Yemeni community in the US state of New York, in cooperation with a number of Arab organizations and American activists, on Friday organized a protest vigil denouncing Saudi-led coalition’s brutal crimes against Yemeni people.

The participants raised banners and pictures of victims of the coalition crimes against women and children, amid chants calling for an end to the war and lifting the siege imposed on Yemeni airports and ports for the sixth year in a row.

A statement, issued by the protesters, stated that the coalition violates the rights of Yemenis, and has contributed to creating a humanitarian catastrophe and food famine that affected nearly 18 million Yemenis.

The statement called on the United States of America to end the logistical support for the coalition and to stop the arms sales to the Saudi regime, which commit daily crimes against civilians, especially women and children.

The international human rights and humanitarian organizations were also called by the statement to adopt the humanitarian cause of the people of Yemen, which has turned into a large prison due to the siege, and to submit the file of coalition crimes to the International Criminal Court.

The participants in the vigil vowed to continue escalation and implement more vigils, until the war on Yemen is stopped and the siege is lifted.

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