After Houthis attack… Al-Qaeda withdraws from Al-Baidha

Al-Qaeda organization withdraws from Qifeh district in al-Baidha province moving towards Shabwah province, a military source said on Thursday.

According to the source, Sana’a forces, supported by the Popular Committees (Anssarallah) took control of positions of Al-Qaeda in Qifeh district during recent attacks that took place on last two days.

The source said the vehicles belonging to al-Qaeda arrived Yeshbam area of Shabwa province after retreating.

The source added that after the Anssarallah’s offensive, dozens of Al-Qaeda elements fled towards areas under Saudi Arabia’s control in Marib province.

Forces loyal to Sana’a government, supported by the Popular Committees (Anssarallah), have launched a major military operation against al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist positions in Baidha province on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to al-Alam TV, Yemeni forces managed to take control of large areas of province and bases of terrorists.

In recent weeks, the Sana’a forces have launched an operation against al-Qaeda militia based in Baidha province and have been able to advance in these areas but Saudi-led Coalition’s warplanes are bombing Anssarallah positions on this front.