Demonstration in London against war in Yemen

Activists and human rights defenders participated on Sunday in a demonstration on a bus that roamed some of the streets of the British capital, London, towards the Saudi embassy, demanding an end to arms deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

During the demonstration organized by the International Campaign for Justice, the protesters called for an end to the ongoing war in Yemen and the release of detainees in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The demonstrators held the Saudi authorities responsible for the safety of activists, who are experiencing pursuing and attempts to harm them in various regions of the world.

The activists called on the British government to stop military and security cooperation with the UAE and Saudi Arabia and to stop arms exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The activists’ movement in the streets of the capital, London, came two days after a protest pause organized by human rights activists in front of the Saudi embassy in London to demand the release of detainees in Saudi prisons and an end to the ongoing war in Yemen.

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