Yemen appeals UNESCO to help save heritage sites

111 houses collapse.. The old buildings of Sana’a could be lost at any moment.

Yemen’s National Committee in Sana’a appealed to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)in Paris to save the historic city of Sana’a which has been damaged by heavy rain.

The Committee called on the International Organization for Urgent Intervention to save the historic of Sana’a heritage-listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 from collapse and destruction.

The old buildings of Sana’a that survived hundreds of years could be lost at any moment, due to the persistence of heavy and unprecedented rains which resulted in a near total collapse of a number of inhabited buildings.

The Committee’s pointed out that a number of damaged historical houses in recent weeks had reached more than 111 houses between partial and total collapse, stressing that “this global city today is facing a real catastrophe that threatens its existence”.

The National Committee called on the organization to assume its responsibility towards saving this heritage site.

For his part, Mohamed Jumaih, Yemen’s permanent representative to UNESCO has urged UNESCO for urgent protection of heritage sites from natural disasters.

Recent heavy rains have damaged the country’s historical sites, particularly those included in the UN body’s World Heritage List, according to Jumaih.

Jumaih urged the international organization to use the World Heritage Emergency Fund to accelerate assistance to the country and “counter effects of the heavy rain.”