Oman opens borders to all Yemenis

Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Oman’s minister responsible for foreign affairs, said that his country’s borders are open to all Yemenis leaving and returning home.

He stressed that the Sultanate stands with the Yemeni people and helps them in a neutral way and seeks solutions to the crisis.

“Our borders are open to all Yemenis who go to other countries and come from abroad to Yemen, and this is an opening for a meeting between north and south Yemenis,” he confirmed.

“The Yemenis are our brothers and neighbors and we are seeking with them and others to resolve the differences and we will be able to look at the past and look to the future,” Bin Alawi said, pointing out that the Yemeni crisis is somewhat complex, but if Yemenis talk for the future, they will overcome this problem.

On the secret of Oman’s diplomacy remaining in agreement with all parties, the official said that his country’s diplomacy has some clarity, with everyone and does not like to embarrass other countries or be embarrassed.

The minister ruled out that the escalating tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran will lead to an all-out confrontation in the Gulf region, stressing Oman’s neutral and helpful role in finding solutions to crises in the region, including the Yemeni crisis.