Griffiths calls for truce in Yemen during Eid

The UN’s envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, called for immediate and swift steps to a ceasefire in Yemen.

In his briefing to the Security Council, Griffiths said that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is getting more difficult, revealing efforts to establish a cease-fire truce in Yemen during Eid al-Adha.

Martin Griffiths, stressed the need to keep the economic file out of the political conflict.

The United Nations Envoy to Yemen renewed the United Nations’ commitment to support Yemen to reach a peace agreement, calling on all parties to bear responsibility to complete the negotiations successfully.

Griffiths added: “I still hope that these negotiations will play a role in achieving peace.”

He indicated that the opportunity represented by these negotiations is subject to a real risk of missing, which threatens with a new stage of prolonged escalation in Yemen, the widespread of Corona and the economic collapse.

Griffiths affirmed that the elements under negotiation in the joint declaration are important to both the war parties and the Yemeni people as a whole.

The UN envoy stressed the need for the parties to agree on a mechanism for disbursing the revenues of Hodeidah port; to pay employee salaries in accordance with their obligation in the Sweden Agreement.

He urged the need for constructive interaction with his proposals so that Yemenis get the fuel they need.

On the Yemeni economy, Griffiths said that there are no quick solutions to address it, and that steps must be agreed to neutralize the economy from the conflict, given that it is the Yemenis who suffer when the economy is used as a weapon.