Sana’a rejected bargaining to halt salaries payment in Exchange of Release Detained Oil

An official at the Sana’a Salvation Government revealed on Sunday that the Saudi-led coalition with the United Nations had submitted a proposal to the Supreme Political Council in recent days that included the release of tanker ships detained in exchange for stopping paying half the wages of the State’s employees.

The source added that, “The President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, rejected the offer and confirmed the bias to the employees and the importance to alleviate their suffering due to the interruption of salaries. He directed the government to continue spending half of the salary every two months and pay it before Eid al-Adha. ”

The source pointed out that the Ministry of Finance began implementing the directives of the President and addressed the Central Bank in Sana’a with the disbursement of half of the salary for all employees, using the combined funds, which amounted to approximately 8.5 billion riyal.

The source called on the United Nations to keep up with the payment process of half the salary in order not to argue later falsifying the facts, as what has happened recently by its envoy Martin Griffiths.

The source pointed out that the salary initiative fund is still open and Hodeidah ports revenues are supplying it. He confirmed that the government is willing to spend the full salary according to the 2014 if there is seriousness with the United Nations and the other party in implementing their obligations of Stockholm agreement.

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