Head of Sana’a delegation: Griffiths mission close to the End

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman for Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator for the Sana’a National Salvation Government, attacked UN and its envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, and accused them of bias to coalition in the war on Yemen.

Abdulsalam responded to Griffith’s accusations against Sana’a regarding the delay of salaries payment consider it a clear fabrication, and it confirms his participation in the blockade against Yemen.

He added in an interview with the 26 September newspaper” issued from Sana’a: As if, the envoy “says that this siege is normal and acceptable because measures took place from Sana’a, as he described it related to salary disbursement, and this is incorrect because the revenues that come from Hodeida port according to the Sweden agreement must pay salaries to Yemenis, and this is what happened.

Abdulsalam criticized Griffiths Convictions that criticized the operations of Sana’a military forces against coalition, amid his silence on coalition massacres without issuing any statement of condemnation.

The Head of Sana’a delegation said that  “If the envoy continues with these actions, his days are over and we do not put his days aside that he may have decided at the end of this stage to take sides in this way, as we used to from the past envoys at the end of their periods trying to improve their position with the countries of aggression.

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