Five protesters wounded in Taiz

At least five protesters were injured by gunfire from the UAE-backed 35th Armored Brigade forces in al-Ma’afar district in southern Taiz province on Saturday.

The protesters were injured during a demonstration to support the new commander of the 35th Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman al-Shamsani which took place in a public market in al-Ma’afar district in southern Taiz.

Hundreds of supporters of the Islah party demonstrated in al-Ma’afar supported al-Shamsani’s appointment, despite a unilateral decision by the local authority to prevent any demonstration by rival factions there.

Earlier in the day, UAE-backed factions in the southwestern countryside of Taiz on Saturday closed the entrances to the city of the al-Turbah in a bid to prevent a demonstration organized by the Islah party.

According to local sources, the Abu Abbas Brigades and the 35th Armored Brigade, along with recruits belonging to Tariq Saleh reinforced their positions at al-Makhdash point, located between Al-Birin and Al-Nshama, southwest of Taiz city.

The sources revealed that the UAE-backed militias established checkpoints in the area of Huban Qaddas in the district of al-Mawasit, in a move to prevent a demonstration that may move from there to the area of Al Ain, the center of the district.

The crackdown against Islah Party members cones as the latest event in a long series of infighting between UAE-backed militias and supporters of Islah and the wider Muslim Brotherhood.

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