Islah fails mediation..  Battles renewed in Taiz

Armed clashes erupted on Friday, between 35th  armored brigade and Islah forces in At Turbah city south of Taiz, Local sources said.

Sources said that the clashes erupted after field leader of the 35th armored brigade and the commander of Bayhan site, Marwan al-Barh, were subjected to a failed assassination attempt near to the city market by the fourth brigade forces, mountain infantry of Islah.

The clashes are taking place in Al-Zanqul market in the city and the vicinity of Khalifa Hospital and towards Thabhan district, while it was not clear yet the number of human and material losses.

Sources pointed out that the clashes that are still going on until the time of writing the news are the fiercest and most severe between the two parties than all previous clashes.

It is worth noting that Al-Barh himself was subjected to a previous assassination attempt by Islah forces two weeks ago. Meanwhile, the son of 35th Armored Brigade staff General Habib Al-Thabhani was assassinated last Saturday by Islah forces, resulting in armed confrontations and extinguished with ceasefire mediation carried out by Shamsan. While observers believe that, the broke out escalation today makes the armistice agreement a thing in the past.

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