In Pretext of humanitarian action Turkish intelligence, sneak into Yemen

Turkey has stepped up its suspicious activities in Yemen, particularly in Aden, recently from humanitarian work and through “Turkish Red Crescent” and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency “TIKA”.

Ankara found in the humanitarian crisis and the spread of Corona epidemic an opportunity to sneak up into Yemen. Small aid numbers that distributed throughout the regions that is witnessing activity for Turkish associations revealed on the existence of another agenda for those organizations other than humanitarian work.

It is also noticed in the course of that aid that it distributed in areas controlled by Islah party (Yemen’s Brotherhood) formations, similar to Shabwah and Marib provinces, or try its best to control it, as in the case of Aden province, where Southern Transitional Council prevented Aden to fall under the control of Islah Party.

Past weeks, Turkish Red Crescent Society and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) have increased their movements in Aden, south of Yemen, with signs indicating to Turkish intelligence activities rise, under the banner of humanitarian action.

Turkish moves in Aden, Shabwah and Taiz come under the banner of humanitarian action after months of monitoring information about training assassination teams, with a view to enter them to Aden under the name of Turkish organizations.

According to sources, security authorities in Al-Mahrah province and Aden International Airport had previously received information about arrangements to enter specialized teams of assassinations from the portal of humanitarian action.

Security sources confirmed that “Turkish Crescent” and “TIKA” are carrying out suspicious activities more than humanitarian actions in the provinces of Aden, Al-Dhale and Taiz, Some are formally disclosed, and some are made by fictitious local partners in order not to draw attention.

According to sources, Turkish organizations have rented headquarters in the capital Aden, and a number of provinces, with the aim of managing these suspicious activities, which reinforces fears of intelligence roles in favor of Turkey axis.

Turkish activity in Yemen extends to the city of “Say’un” in Hadhramaut province and it is under the control Islah elements. Turkey sent a number of its elements to Yemen, under the banner of humanitarian work for Turkish Red Crescent Society in Yemen.

Starting from 2018 and 2019, it is reported that dozens of Turkish officers and experts have arrived in many Yemeni regions, especially in Shabwah, Abyan, Socotra, Al- Mahrah, Taiz and Marib.

Turkish officers entered Yemen as relief workers under aliases using Yemeni passports illegally issued from Yemeni Passports headquarters in the provinces of Marib, Taiz and Al- Mahrah.

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Official documents revealed that prominent Yemen’s Brotherhood leaders penetrated the state, contributed to entry of dozens of Turkish officers to Yemen, under the banner of humanitarian action, through Al- Mahrah outlets located in the east of the country.

Late in 2018, an official memo issued by former Al-Mahrah governor Rajeh Bakreet, revealed that Immigration and Passports Authority has been directed to grant an entry visa to delegations from Turkish organizations such “Ihh” and “Yenzy Venere”, to Al-Mahrah for relief actions, as well as subsequent notes granting visas to 28 Turkish personalities in 2019 for the Turkish Crescent.

During the last period, the authorities announced in ” Shihen ” port in Al-Mahra province, the arrest of a number of Turkish intelligence officers while trying to enter Yemen, and to reach Marib province, which is completely under Yemen’s Brotherhood control.

Suspicious Turkish agenda in Yemen is not limited to support Yemen’s Brotherhood’s militia and confusing the liberated areas, but Ankara has sought to plant intelligence cells under the cover of humanitarian action.

Islah party, the local branch of Yemen’s Muslim Brotherhood, facilitated the illegal entry of Turkish organizations inside Yemen, and that through exploiting their control over the decision of legitimate authority to grant work licenses in a number of provinces as Aden or Taiz.

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