Al-Harizi: we will not allow STC militias to penetrate into Mahra

Mahara former deputy governor, Ali Salem Al-Harizi, warned on Saturday the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) of its attempts to penetrate into the province.

Al-Harizi affirmed in an extend meeting that Mahra tribes would be ready to defend all government institutions in the province and did not allow the STC militias to penetrate into the province, vowing to address all attempts of chaos and rebellion.

He stressed that the Mahra people adhere to the of the sit-in’s goals for liberating the province from the Saudi occupation forces, confirming that Mahra tribes began to come from all the districts to defend the province to deter the STC threats towards the province.

The meeting discussed the STC’s possible moves backed by the Saudi-UAE coalition that target the province, called on Saudi occupation forces to leave before any escalation steps against them.