Saudi coalition tightens the screws on Hadi’s officials

Saudi-led coalition forces have begun tracking the movements of leaders in Hadi’s government.

This comes amid fears of certain politicians in the Hadi puppet government secretly forging alliances with Turkey.

According to aviation sources at Aden airport, the coalition is tightening of travel procedures to and from Yemen. This was seen in the flight when on which the coalition asked a copy of all passengers’ passports.

It is reportedly aimed at tracking the flights of Hadi’s government officials traveling between Aden, Turkey and Qatar on domestic flights.

The sources confirmed that the coalition has been shadowing the movements of leaders in Hadi’s government.

The coalition is also preventing any aircraft from moving without prior permission from the coalition, and forcing them to send passport photographs to a special operations room.

The coalition’s tightening of restrictions coincides with signs of upcoming Turkish intervention in Yemen, preceded by a series of travels by several of Hadi government officials between Aden, Cairo, Doha and Istanbul.