Islah party sticking on getting IDP and camps out from Taiz

Islah party (Yemen’s brotherhoods branch) back on escalating in the southwestern countryside of Taiz.

Islah party sent a message in the name of Ash Shamayatayn District to Taiz governor and the leaders of the axis and to the head of the security committee, confirming the party’s adherence to the exit of pro-UAE factions from the region in exchange to withdraw its forces, as well as what he described as the organization of “displaced” in reference to his previous demands to get them out from At Turbah district.

The new escalation of Islah party came amid accusations to the leader of Special Security Forces in facilitating the entry of Tareq Saleh’s forces to a number of points and Islah’s sites in Al-Hujariah region.

The leader of the Special Forces in Taiz, Jamil Aklan, is one of the most prominent leaders opposed Islah party.

Islah party is under political and popular pressure to expel its factions from the countryside of southwestern overlooking on the west coast and Bab-el-Mandeb, where it seeks to secure a Turkish base there and Emirati forces with factions loyal to them stationed there. During the past few days, Islah forces were subjected to bloody attacks by pro-UAE forces

Trying to end the Brotherhood’s presence in this strategic port of the city, in preparation to siege Islah group.

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