Hadi forces approve defensive plan to Marib city

Forces of exiled Yemen’s president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, started on Monday preparing defensive plan around the governmental complex in Marib, east of Yemen, in anticipation to Sanaa’s forces entry.

Tribal sources reported that factions in the city were cutting lines and roads around Ma’rib complex in addition to establishing cantons and digging the middle of the city and its surroundings as part of a defensive plan for Hadi’s last strongholds in the province, most of which came under the control of Sana’a forces.

These developments come on the basis of a new progress of Sana’a forces to new areas bordering Mahliyah and Al Abdiyah districts, which were seized by Sana’a forces weeks ago.

In the context, activists on social media underestimated from Islah’s defensive plans, considering the appointment of Nasser Al-thaibani, as commander of the third military zone, an indication to his escape planning, owing to the record of Al-thaibani in this field, started his command to Bader camp in Aden, and then to the seventh military zone in Al-Jawf and Nihm front before it fell into the hands of Sana’a forces.

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