Sana’a warns of coming humanitarian catastrophe due to lack of oil derivatives

The Ministry of Health in the National Salvation Government in Sana’a warned on Monday of an upcoming catastrophe and tragedy, represented in the suspension of medical services due to the continued detention of fuel ships by Saudi-led coalition and the United Nations.

“A tragedy is coming as a result of the depletion of oil derivatives, which is relating to citizens who cannot reach hospitals, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Dr. Youssef al-Hadhri told Al-Masirah TV channel.

Dr. al-Hadhri pointed out that the use of oil derivatives is now restricted to ambulances because the fuel quantities are about to run out.

“There was contact with the UN organizations in Yemen, but there was no response or vision from them to solve the oil derivatives crisis,” he added.

In this regard, the pro-Houthis Ministry of Health has warned of a major humanitarian tragedy if the intransigence in the blockade and the detention of fuel vessels remain unchanged for a few days. The Ministry revealed, in verified data, the dangerous and catastrophic situation that will occur in the first hours if the available amount of fuel runs out.

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The Ministry said in a statement that it portends a major tragedy if the situation continues as it is for a few days to come and the United Nations and the international community have not moved to carry out its humanitarian responsibilities.”

The statement emphasized that the detention of oil derivative ships greatly affected the health sector, threatening a more severe humanitarian catastrophe than the current situation.

In its statement, the Ministry of Health held the United Nations and the leaders of the Saudi-led coalition countries responsible for legal and humanitarian for all the consequences resulting from intransigence in the blockade and the prevention of oil derivatives.

The ministry renewed the call for the United Nations, the international community, Islamic countries and all the free people of the world to take serious action to lift the blockade and arrival oil ships to reach the port of Hodeidah.

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