Taiz: battles renewed and protestations against Islah

Local sources in Taiz province stated that armed confrontations erupted between Islah group and forces of the 35th armored brigade in at Turbah city, after hours of popular demonstrations rejecting Islah’s mobilization.

Sources said that violent armed clashes broke out between the two sides in at Turbah city at Saturday’s afternoon and it is still going on until the time of writing the news.

Sources pointed out that clashes erupted after an attack carried out by Islah groups on one of the 35th armored brigade points in Thabhan area in at Turbah city, assassinating son of the 35th armored brigade commander, Habib Walid Al-Thabhani.

The renewing confrontations between the 35th brigade forces and Islah party come after few hours on taking out the citizens of Al-Hujariah district in Taiz province to the street in massive demonstrations rejecting the control of Islah party over the area.

However, Al-Hujariah area witnessed a massive peaceful demonstration rejecting the mobilization of Islah forces.

The demonstration confirmed, in a statement, its rejection for all armed mobilization by what it so called the militia of Popular Mobilization Forces under the cover of army and security forces in Al-Hujariah area.

The statement called on the exiled President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to quickly direct all military developments in Al-Hujariah countryside, including those in the operations area of the 35th Armored Brigade in Sabaran mount and to comply with the directions of local authority.

The Participants in the demonstration that called by (the parties of GPC, Socialist and Nasserist) gathered from all areas of Al-Hujariah to Al-Ain city in Al-Mawasit District, renewing their demanding to the legitimacy Authority to complete the investigation into the assassination of the 35th armored brigade commander, Adnan Al-Hammadi, who was assassinated in early December last year.

Participants in Al-Hujariah demonstration burned pictures of the deputy head in the legitimacy authority, Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, chanting to overthrow him.

Social media activists circulated widely a video showing protesters burning pictures of Ali Mohsen, chanting to overthrow him and Yemen’s brotherhoods rule.

Participants in the demonstration held Ali Mohsen responsible for Al-Hujariah militarization and drag it into armed conflict. It is worth noting that Al-Hujariah region is witnessing a state of tension, security breakdown and political escalation between Islah party and the forces of the 35th armored brigade backed by the Left-wing forces, after the attempt of the first one (Islah party) to control it, thereby entered the region in a state of instability.

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