Not Just Raids Kill Yemenis

UNICEF organization said it’s terrified due reports talking on the death of 25 children and women in coalition’s raid on wedding party in Al-Jawf province, where UN envoy and UN Resident Coordinator in Yemen expressed shyly their denouncing to the crime.

It is true that this crime was as horrific crime as any other crimes committed by the coalition war jet, but there is a crime that is more severe and more brutal, and its victims are not tens or even hundreds of thousands, but millions of Yemenis children, men, women and elderly people, and kill Patient, in front of UN and its organization bodies , that its dealing do not amount to the level of this crime even to a statement of condemnation, or concern,  as though the victims must cut their veins so that the world will condemn the targeting of a Saudi military base without looking at these victims who not only die due to raids, but also by due siege .

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According to data submitted by representatives from service sectors, civil society organizations and Oil Company in Sana’a to the United Nations office on July 12, an imminent catastrophe threatens Yemeni people, due to the detention of oil derivatives ships, for more than 100 days, despite obtaining licenses from United Nations.

The data indicate that 903 private medical facilities are under threat to halt, 183 hospitals and 165 clinics, 555 medical centers and there are vital facilities about to stop, direct deaths for tens of thousands of Yemenis, such as children nurseries and dialysis centers.

The tragedy does not stop at this point, because streets, despite approaching Eid Al-ADha, are witnessing a gradual decrease in movement, with the stock depletion for oil derivatives, which exacerbates the suffering of patients who do not find transportation to reach hospitals, as it is directly reflected on food prices, to rise to 80% and many of them live under poverty line, and do not know where they will bring the next meal, according to UN reports.

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Parallel to the siege crime, the coalition continues to deprive hundreds of thousands of Yemeni employees their salaries for more than four years, as a collective punishment in which they have no guilt except that they are in areas can’t be reached and these people are living deadly suffering, and they face death penalty, starvation, or coercion. They see their sick relatives cannot be saved with a pill.

Death also kills tens of thousands of Yemeni patients, who need to travel abroad for treatment, and they are unable to travel because the coalition closed Sana’a airport for years.

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