Houthis accuse UN Envoy of Adopting US-Saudi Thesis

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman for Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator for the Sana’a National Salvation Government launched a verbal attack against the United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith.

Houthis spokesman confirmed Saturday that the United Nations envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith has become one of the coalition’s forces against Yemen, prolonging the absurd war and covers the effects of the unjust siege.

Abdulsalam said on Twitter:” From his recent talk, it becomes clear that the UN envoy has been converted from his mission and has become fully involved with the forces of “aggression” against Yemen, fully adopting their thesis.

He added:” UN envoy is prolonging the absurd aggressive war and covers the effects of the unjust siege, and this negative position makes him a part of the problem.”

The National Salvation Government in Sana’a has become increasingly wary of UN policies regarding the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen, accusing the UN of inaction in the face of continued Saudi war crimes.

For his part, a member of Sana’a National Delegation, Abdulmajeed Hanash, said, on Saturday, that for three years the UN envoy did not meet any of his deliverable, indicating that he is seeking to satisfy the Saudi coalition in order to continue in his position. Hanash explained to Almasirah that “Martin Griffiths did not offer the Yemenis anything and the United Nations catastrophically failed in Yemen.”

He added that “the Yemeni People only want to stop the Saudi-led coalition to sit on one table,” pointing out that the absence of the United Nations contributed to the continuation of the crimes against our people by the Saudi-led coalition.

“We are not counting on the role of the United Nations in finding a solution to the war and the siege against Yemen,” he said.

Hanash stressed that Yemen is being torn under the supervision of the United Nations, so it collects aid and distributes it as salaries for its employees in Yemen.

He pointed out that stopping the war against Yemen means stopping the millions of dollars from the United Nations, and it is trading in the blood of Yemenis.