France to probe Abu Dhabi crown prince over torture in Yemen

French Justice Authorities opened an investigation into the involvement of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed with the “complicity in acts of torture” in the Saudi-Emirati coalition against Yemen.

The UAE has committed violations classified as war crimes that will not fall under the statute of limitations during its aggression against Yemen by bombing innocent civilians by aircraft and carrying out systematic torture in many Yemeni cities, human rights groups and UN organizations said.

A judge in France has been tasked with conducting an investigation into “complicity in acts of torture” in the aggression against Yemen, AFP reported quoting sources familiar with the case.

A preliminary judicial investigation was opened in October 2019 in Paris against Mohamed bin Zayed after two lawsuits were filed against him upon his official visit to France in November 2018.

In June, an Associated Press investigation revealed secret prisons in the UAE and widespread torture, and since then the agency has identified at least five prisons where security forces use sexual torture to suppress and subdue prisoners.

It is noteworthy that French Justice Authorities “universal jurisdiction” in relation to the most serious crimes can prosecute and convict the perpetrators of these crimes and their accomplices when they are on the French soil.

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