British report: Tariq Saleh forces recruit African refugees

Report published by British Middle East Eye website revealed that Tariq Saleh’s forces exploited the situation of the African refugees and recruited many of them to work in military camps situated where fighting is taking place on the western coast.

The report pointed out that five Ethiopian refugees aged between 15 and 25 found themselves at the beginning of last month inside an old house in Taiz’s Al-Shimayateen district, having arrived on the coast at Ras Al-Arah in Lahj province just four days earlier.

A19-year-old Ethiopian said that he had traveled from Ethiopia in a hope to flee to Saudi Arabia in order to work there, but he and his companions, who had survived from the dangerous journey at sea, ended up in Tariq Saleh’s military camp.

The report revealed that Al-Shimayateen district is one of the stations to which the recruits are taken by Tariq Saleh’s forces, as part of a plan to transfer them to the West Coast.

A person named Najib, who belongs to Tariq Saleh’s forces, confirmed the recruitment of those African refugees by Tariq Saleh’s forces just for work, cooking and cleaning, not for fighting.

However, jurists assert that everyone present in the camps is considered a soldier and inclusive to the military situation and he is at risk.