Al-Houthi: Saudi coalition attempt to evade responsibility about Safar

The Supreme Political Council member Mohammed Ali al-Houthi emphasized that the warnings issued by the countries of the US-British-Saudi-Emirati coalition and its allies regarding a Safer oil Floating Ship are not a fear of environmental damage or ecological disaster as they claim.

al-Houthi blamed the countries of Saudi-led coalition for any environmental disaster that might happen.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi wrote in his twitter account that these warnings are attempts by the aggressive countries to escape their responsibilities for the disaster they made by arbitrarily violating the law and by arbitrarily blockade the ship and Yemen, and their criminal military actions through declaring the province and Safar ship military targets.

He pointed out that Americans are working to mislead the world that they protect the agreements with their political statements while their practical reality is far from their statements.

He said: “The one who calls for the commitment of the agreements is the American Secretary of State, who has not respected its agreements with China, Russia or Iran and has not respected the decree of Congress of its administration that is called for an end to support of the aggression which declared al-Hodeidah a military target, and the maintenance workers were forced to evacuate the ship so as to keep them safe it is who has previously prevented the entry of oil ships and prevent the sale of oil since 2015, as a result, they are the root cause of any environmental catastrophe,” said al-Houthi.

“Since the approval, the United Nations has not made the first step with regard to the Safar and we are still waiting for the team,” he concluded.

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